Hirer Angti (1992) | DVD Rip | 1CD (700 MB) | X.264

Hirer Angti (1992) | DVD Rip | 1CD (700 MB) | X.264

It is Mahalaya, the first day of the Debi Paksha and just before Durga Puja. The mood in the house of Ratanlal Bandyopadhyay is festive. All his sons have come, one from as far as the USA. Preparations are in full swing. Habul and Tinni the two young grandchildren are enjoying themselves. A handsome stranger called Gandharva Kumar walks into this festive atmosphere. He knows magic tricks, can speak to animals and do a thousand other things that charms Habul and Tinni.

He wears a diamond ring and Shasthicharan the local thief would do anything to get it. The ring though has other sinister implications. it is a major piece of a jigsaw puzzle that is falling in place.

For, Gandharva Kumar has come to remind Ratanlal Babu of a promise made thirty years ago - the fulfillment of that promise will mean that Ratanlal babu will have to give up all that he owns and move out of his house. The Puja celebrations will also come to a halt.

What happens next is the stuff adventure stories...

Hirer Angti was made for children and is a delightful little film. It is a film that has been made with charming simplicity and has none of the complexities that we normally associate with Rituparno. Instead he brings a wonderful story of Shirshendu Mukherjee to life - albeit shorn of some complexities.

The film's target audience is young people and perhaps its greatest strength is that it is made without the slightest patrronising tone. It is a film from the view point of Habul and has the kind of open eyed wonder that takes it out of the mundane.

I will not discuss the cinemoatographic exellence or the merits of demerits of Hirer Angti except to say that each protagonist excels in his or her role. Whether it is the stern but idealistic patriairch Ratan babu (Basanta Chaudhuri) or little Habul or Tinni the characters are well etched out and beautifully portayed.

Enjoy this film as it is meant to be enjoyed - with the uncritical eye of a young boy/girl. Listen to the glorious traditional rendition of Mahisasuramardini or a beutiful old shyamasangeet and wallow in the nostalgia of life in upperclass rural Bengal. You will like it as much as I did.

Uploader's Notes:
The rip quality is very good, given the quality of the original. What is unfortunate are the subtitles - they are awful and seems to have been created by someone who never did learn basic grammar. The subtitle ripping is also very poor.

I could have improved upon the subtitles - it would have taken at least 2 days of effort as i would have to virtually rewrite them. If someone really wants better subtitles, please put in a request and I'll try and oblige. If you don't need subtitles, I would suggest you turn them off while viewing.

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