Nawab Nandini (2007) 2 CD DVDRIP

Nawab Nandini (2007)

Directed by = Haranath Chakraborty
Produced by = Jagadish Pande
Written by = Anjan Chowdhury

Hiran Chatterjee
Koyel Mallick
Ranjit Mullick
Sandhya Ray.

Music by Jeet Ganguly

Release date(s) January 23, 2007
Running time 120 min
Country India


Bachelor 2004| DvDRiP| Rmvb 376 Mb

Bachelor 2004| DvDRiP| Rmvb 376Mb


Hirer Angti (1992) | DVD Rip | 1CD (700 MB) | X.264

Hirer Angti (1992) | DVD Rip | 1CD (700 MB) | X.264

It is Mahalaya, the first day of the Debi Paksha and just before Durga Puja. The mood in the house of Ratanlal Bandyopadhyay is festive. All his sons have come, one from as far as the USA. Preparations are in full swing. Habul and Tinni the two young grandchildren are enjoying themselves. A handsome stranger called Gandharva Kumar walks into this festive atmosphere. He knows magic tricks, can speak to animals and do a thousand other things that charms Habul and Tinni.

He wears a diamond ring and Shasthicharan the local thief would do anything to get it. The ring though has other sinister implications. it is a major piece of a jigsaw puzzle that is falling in place.

For, Gandharva Kumar has come to remind Ratanlal Babu of a promise made thirty years ago - the fulfillment of that promise will mean that Ratanlal babu will have to give up all that he owns and move out of his house. The Puja celebrations will also come to a halt.

What happens next is the stuff adventure stories...

Hirer Angti was made for children and is a delightful little film. It is a film that has been made with charming simplicity and has none of the complexities that we normally associate with Rituparno. Instead he brings a wonderful story of Shirshendu Mukherjee to life - albeit shorn of some complexities.

The film's target audience is young people and perhaps its greatest strength is that it is made without the slightest patrronising tone. It is a film from the view point of Habul and has the kind of open eyed wonder that takes it out of the mundane.

I will not discuss the cinemoatographic exellence or the merits of demerits of Hirer Angti except to say that each protagonist excels in his or her role. Whether it is the stern but idealistic patriairch Ratan babu (Basanta Chaudhuri) or little Habul or Tinni the characters are well etched out and beautifully portayed.

Enjoy this film as it is meant to be enjoyed - with the uncritical eye of a young boy/girl. Listen to the glorious traditional rendition of Mahisasuramardini or a beutiful old shyamasangeet and wallow in the nostalgia of life in upperclass rural Bengal. You will like it as much as I did.

Uploader's Notes:
The rip quality is very good, given the quality of the original. What is unfortunate are the subtitles - they are awful and seems to have been created by someone who never did learn basic grammar. The subtitle ripping is also very poor.

I could have improved upon the subtitles - it would have taken at least 2 days of effort as i would have to virtually rewrite them. If someone really wants better subtitles, please put in a request and I'll try and oblige. If you don't need subtitles, I would suggest you turn them off while viewing.

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Bangla Movie - "CHADER BARI"

Super Hit Family Movie.

Screen Caps -


Ghor Jamai - Bangla Movie - Ferdous and Shabnur

Title: Ghore Jamai [Bangladeshi] DVD RIP
Cast: Ferdous Ahmed & Shabnur
Dir: Shah Alam Kiron
Video: DivX 5 720x576 29.97fps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 96Kbps


Cross Connection (2009 - Bengali Film)

Director: Abhijit Guha , Sudeshna Ray
Music: Neel Dutt
Abir Chatterjee
Ritwick Chakraborty
Rimjhim Mitra
Payel Sarkar
Biswajit Chakraborty
Saswata Chattopadhyay
Kamalika Bandyopadhyay
Surajit Banerjee
Sudeshna Ray

This is a love story with the modern gen X in mind. There is romance, there is cynicism, ambition and love. Above all there is comedy and a touch of sex without which no love story is complete.
Cross connection deals with Imon’s three loves, Aakash’s three loves and Piya’s switches and Vicky’s intentions.
This is a love story where egos clash to raise a laugh.
Imon: A sexy young thing in love with her muse and all the men around her.
But who or what does she love most?
Akaash: Loves poetry, beer and good looking girls not quite in that order. But the order keeps changing as his moods demand.
Vicky: Loves pretty young things, which man doesn’t? But he loves driving more especially if a sexy young thing sits next to him. And he has no dearth of getting them ‘cos he is tall, dark and handsome, on top of it has the right qualifications and job.
Piya: Pretty Piya is quite a dreamy number. Boys love her, men lust after her, but who will finally get her?
Cross Connection deals with follies of youth, where landladies’ are the greatest fears in life.
The film has comedy, romance and love. Along with it Neel Dutt’s peppy music. Anjan Dutt, Rupankar, Ujjaini and some fresh new voices have sung the 6 numbers. The lyrics are by Anjan Dutt, Chandril, Anindya(Chandrabindu), Sumit Samaddar and Srijit.

Screen Shots:

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Aalo [2003] Bengali Movie • DVDrip | 394 Mb | MKV

Aalo [2003]
DVDrip | 394 Mb | MKV

Complete name : aalo.[2003]_x264_394mb_by.Niranjan.mkv
Format : Matroska
File size : 395 MiB
Duration : 2h 17mn
Overall bit rate : 400 Kbps
Encoded date : UTC 2009-08-13 22:05:35
Writing application : mkvmerge v2.9.5 ('Tu es le seul') built on Jun 7 2009 11:07:07
Writing library : libebml v0.7.7 + libmatroska v0.8.1
Ripper : Its me! [Niranjan]
Format/Info : Advanced Video Codec
Format profile : High@L2.1
Format settings, CABAC : Yes
Format settings, ReFrames : 5 frames
Muxing mode : Container profile=Unknown@2.1
Duration : 2h 17mn
Nominal bit rate : 334 Kbps
Width : 640 pixels
Height : 288 pixels
Display aspect ratio : 2.222
Frame rate : 25.000 fps
Resolution : 24 bits
Colorimetry : 4:2:0
Scan type : Progressive
Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.072
Writing library : x264 core 67 r1173M f6d3166
Format/Info : Advanced Audio Codec
Format version : Version 4
Format profile : LC
Format settings, SBR : Yes
Format settings, PS : No
Codec ID : A_AAC
Duration : 2h 17mn
Channel(s) : 2 channels
Channel positions : L R
Sampling rate : 48.0 KHz
Resolution : 16 bits


Bangla Movie- "Sriman Prithviraj"

Super Hit Bangla Comady Movie in MP4 Format.High Quality.
Ayan Bandyopadhyay
Mahua Raychowdhury
Indranath Chattopadhyay
Satyajit Bose
Utpal Dutt
Satya Bandyopadhyay
Robi Ghosh
Chinmoy Ray
Santosh Dutta
Padma Debi
Nibhanani Debi
Haridhan Mukhopadhyay
Gita Nag
Tapen Chattopadhyay


Neel Akasher Chandni (2009)


All links are interchangeable

Satyajit Ray movies:Pather Panchali,Aparajito,Apur Sansar,Abhijan

Pather Panchali:

Apur Sansar



Azam Khan - Neel Noyona(guru)

All Tracks are 320 Kbps Mp3 encoded.

01. Rita.mp3
02. Neel Noyona.mp3
03. Ichhe Holei.mp3
04. Nosu Bhai.mp3
05. Tumi Ki Hote paro.mp3
06. Madokke Na Bolo.mp3
07. Sunindita.mp3
08. Ami Geyechhi Muktir Gaan.mp3
09. Tumi Gela Matir Niche.mp3
10. Mukti Sena Ami.mp3
11. Bonus Track.mp3

Trishna (2009) | Bengali Film | Rituparna Sengupta DVD Rip

Director: Pritam Jalan
Cast: Rituparna Sengupta, Angshuman
Release date: January 30th, 2009
Raja (Angshuman Gupta), a professional photographer and a playboy comes across Tiasha (Rituparna Sengupta) at a bar. She is totally different from the girls he knows and she has an electrifying presence and she totally captivates him. She is hot and sensous and Raja lusts after her.He starts having an affair with Tiasha. She tells him that her mother has blood cancer and she doesnt have good relations with her husband who is away.She tells him that Shekhar is not a nice person.Shekhar comes home one day and meets Raja at the bar and they get acqainted with each other.Tiasha tells Raja that Shekhar has made a will whereby he has decided to leave half his pro[perty to his wife and half to his sister Sumana whom she is close to. But Sumana and Tiasha cant stand each other.Raja decides to eliminate Shekhar in order to be with Tiasha. One night Raja come to Tiasha’s house to kill Shekhar and he gets killed when there is a tussle between both of them .They try to dispose of Shekhar’s body by dumping the body in the sea. Meanwhile Subir and Rana,(Raj’s childhood friends) tell Raj to change his ways as they have noticed a change in him lately.Raja is put behind bars on charges of murdering Shekhar as a button of his jacket had been found near the scene of The murder, but he is soon released .He come to know that he has been appointed the executor of the new will which Shekhar had made a few days back before his death leaving his entire property to Tiasha.Sumana believes that this will is fake. She meets Raja in private one day and tells him the truth about Tiasha .She had given a locket to Raja which is accidentally left behind at the beach while disposing Shekhar’s body.Subir, the S.P(Raja’s friend), who is investigating the case tells him to mend his ways, but he refuses to listen.Tiasha calls up Raja one day and asks him to meet at her residence.He refuses to entertain her in the beginning as he had begun to disbelieve her, but gives in to her demand.On reaching her residence, he finds a bag in the garden house and realizes that Tiasha must have killed Sumana.Tiasha is nowhere to be seen, so Raja decides to wait for Tiasha and finish her off once she arrives. Subir, Raja’s friend also arrives there and conceals himself and watches the proceedings .She arrives soon after and pleads innocence, but Raja refuses to believe her.Tiasha tells him there is proof in the garden house and she goes there, but there is a huge blast.Subir tells Raja later that Tiasha had escaped though Raja had thought her to be dead and she is nowhere to be found.After a year , Tiasha reappears at the same place wearing the same outfit waiting for her next prey.


Pathik Paran-Srabani Sen (2009)Puja Album

Pathik Paran-Srabani Sen (2009)Puja Album



Tumi Ele Na-Indranil Sen (2009) - Puja Album

Tumi Ele Na - Indranil Sen


01.Ei Mon Tomake Chai
02.Tumi Asbe Bolechile
03.Sagar Dake Pahar Dake
04.Sapno Dekhar Abchayate
05.Fele Asa Bela
06.Nilche Baul Sandhya Name
07.Bohu Din Por Aaj Abar
08.Ghum Je Ase Pai Pai



Mone Rekho (2009) - Asha Bhonsle - Puja Album

Mone Rekho (2009) - Asha Bhonsle.


1. Din Gulo Bhola Gelo Na

2. Shey Je Amaar Kaalo

3. Hoyto Aebhabei

4. Churir Chhun Chhun

5. Jete Parini

6. Haat Boshechhe

7. O Ganga Maa

8. Baajey Guru Guru



Amra Nutan Joubaner Doot- Bhoomi (2009) - Puja Album


01.Premer Joare Bhasabe
02.Amra Nutan Joubaner Doot
03.Kharo Bayu Boy Bege
04.Purano Sei Diner Katha
05.Neel Digante
06.Aaj Jotsna Raate Sabai
07.Bhenge Mor Gharer
08.Aakash Bhara Surja Tara
09.Baro Asha Kore Esechi Go
10.Aguner Parashmani

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Hirok Rajar Deshe (1980) Classic Bangla Movie

CD 1 (696MB)

CD 2 (458 MB)